We have had the pleasure of serving several hundred clients and their pets over the years and this what they have to say about our company....  

"Robyn runs the best in-home pet care and sitting service in Lexington."
- Allan Courtney

"I hired Rainbow Watchers for many years, often relying upon their pet sitting services for weeks at a time while away for extended travel. I have always felt my pet is very well taken care of, with dependable, professional care. I highly recommend Rainbow Watchers."
- Janet Powell

"Robyn is awesome at what she does and very trustworthy. She understands how important it is to have the piece of mind that comes along with not worrying about your animals when you can't be home. I trust her and anyone she hires to come into my home and take care of my animals and keep an eye on my home. She also knows Pet CPR."
- Sheila Cummins

"Potty break, dog walk, feed dog rest of breakfast, check cats, meds if needed.  Rainbow Watchers is the best pet care company that I've had. The service is professional, reliable, caring, knowledgeable, and always exceeds expectations. I rely on the service to help me give my pets the care I believe they deserve, and to help be my eyes and ears when I am not at home to care for my furry friends. I trust Rainbow Watchers implicitly.
- Dorothy Ross

"Rainbow Watchers takes detailed notes about what is needed for your particular pets.  In our case, it is two cats.  The daily fee of $17.00 includes a 30 minute visit in which they feed, water, and scoop the cat litter in addition to retrieving the mail, watering the plants, and rotating the lights.  Robyn is very communicative and conscientious.  At the last minute, I needed to stay away a few extra days, and she responded quickly and was able to accommodate our needs.  It is a joy working with Rainbow Watchers, and I highly recommend them.  I never worry when Robyn is looking after my pets.  She also came highly recommended by my neighbor.Very well!  We continue to use Rainbow Watchers year after year.  For the first visit, they will take down every detail regarding your pet, preferences, food, how to reach you, etc.  It may seem a little over-the-top, but I assure you, they simply want all the information to care for your pet(s) in the best way possible.  For each subsequent visit, they will update your information."
- Aileen Baker

"Robyn is diligent in the manner in which she runs her company. She expects her staff to be professional and courteous because she is, and that makes for a good company and confidence that her clients need when making decisions as far as leaving the care of their pets to a stranger.  Robyn often goes beyond what the client contract dictates, by way of bringing in the paper, shoveling snow off the porch and steps, and other seemingly small kindnesses that really do mean alot to a home/pet owner.  Robyn has alot of hands on experience and takes great pride in the service that she provides. She thinks ahead and is ready at all times for anything related to a pet visit on her schedule."
- Susan Wind

"Provider fed, walked, pampered my dog, three visits each day. Cared for my house lights on at night, off during the day, collected newspaper and mail daily, watered plants inside and out.This provider has cared for my pets for quite a few years, including two elderly ones that needed medication and special attention. She has always performed professionally beginning with a contract, following specific instructions for pets and the house, keeping a daily log so I can see the activities when I return."
- Kay Anne Wilborn

“Couldn't be more thrilled. Rainbow Watchers LLC goes way over and above and their prices are more than reasonable. They are professional and dependable. If your pet needs medication (oral, injectable or otherwise), you can be sure it will be administered exactly when and how your pet needs it.  Included in their fees, they will bring in your mail, water plants, alternate blinds, lights, etc., so you're getting a house sitter and pet sitter for one price! On line reservations and payments are available once you are an established client, which makes it even easier.”  
- Laurie Meeks

“Rainbow Watchers LLC are the best pet sitters ever. They are very professional, even down to the documentation of activity every day. They always keep an eye out for unusual activity around the house and promptly alert us if something isn't right. Most of all, they truly care about the well being of the critters which we appreciate.  We also appreciate that Rainbow Watchers will give you a head's up when you need something for the pets or if something doesn't seem right with the pets. They also are very professional about securing the keys to the house. A+ service!”       
– Dee Antimisiaris

"I have used Rainbow Watchers LLC as my pet and farm sitter for 10 years. I have gone on trips for over 2 weeks duration with absolute confidence that my pets (my furry family really) will be cared for and safe while I am gone."
- Susan Hinson

"I have used Rainbow Watchers for many, many years. They provide a terrific, caring and professional service. They not only "watch" the pets, but they "watch" the house as well - turning lights on and off, making sure all is ok, bringing in the junk mail, other mail, etc. Whatever you need. Over the years, they have taken care of various cats and birds for me. On one occasion, one of my cats was in extreme distress when the caretaker came over - she contacted me and my local emergency contact and made sure the cat got to the Vet, was cared for, and transferred to the local emergency contact's house until I returned home. Most recently, while watching my bird, the caretaker went the extra mile and watered my outdoor plants during a drought. I didn't even have to ask! This is a great service provider!"
- Deborah Crooks

"I have been using Rainbow Watchers for almost a year now to take care of my cat when I am out of town. They feed her, give her medicine, clean the litter box, and also bring in the mail and switch the lights and shades to make it look like someone is home. I have been very happy with their service - they are very professional and I have no concerns with them being in my home. During my last trip, my cat became sick and they called me immediately and were available to meet the Vet who came to the house. I was very grateful for their care and concern (as if caring for their own animal) and their assistance when I felt so helpless. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for in-home pet care."
- Jennifer Clark

"We were very pleased with our pet care and feel our pugs received the best care possible. We were able to leave for two week trips without a worry about them or our home. Everything was always as we left it...The pugs probably received more playtime and attention than we sometimes could give them with our busy schedules. During a trip our one pug went into seizures which ended in her needing to be put to sleep. The Pet Sitter stayed with our pet until our daughter arrived, and then met my daughter at the Vet for support. She treated our pets like they were her own children. I have nothing but accolades to pass on about our seven years using Rainbow Watchers LLC. They were always thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. Our two girls are romping together in puppy heaven now. When we decide to begin anew, Rainbow Watchers LLC will be our first choice in pet care."
- Susan Schmidt

"I use Rainbow Watchers LLC as pet sitters for my yorkie each and every time I travel. I use them on average twice a month for the past 2 years and have never had a bad experience. My dog is so much happier at home than at a kennel and enjoys his time with Robyn and her staff. I can travel without worrying about a thing. She doesn't hesitate to call if she has questions. Not only do Rainbow Watchers LLC take excellent care of my dog, but also my house. They open and close the blinds, water the plants and alternates the lights. Rainbow Watchers LLC has truly been a blessing."
- Justin Denton

"Wonderful, dependable, respectful, kind and loving with pets. Totally trustworthy!"
- Sally Hamilton

"Rainbow Watchers visited my dog, feeding and giving her water and took her for a walk. Always a smooth and uneventful service.  They do exactly what they say they will do; come to my home, walk, feed and give my pet water and leave.  They leave a brief note and checklist of what service was provided at each visit."
- Matthew Morton

"The experience has been fabulous overall. They’re very professional and really pay attention; they notice details and care about the animals and about the peoples' homes. They have a sense of humor as well and are great to work with!"
- William Cooper

"They’ve been wonderful to work with. They’re very professional and very reliable!"
- Toni Akers

"I just wanted to thank you again for taking such great care of Wallace! It was like we never left, no anxiety, and he slipped right back into his normal routine! I think it's needless to say we'll never be using the kennel at the Vet's office again!"
- Kalie Berkey

"Hudson was very happy!  This is a wonderful help to us and keeps him at home rather than the kennel."
- Febe Wallace

"This is the second time I've used Rainbow Watchers service and will continue to do so.  The owner, Robyn, is very professional.  She is punctual, thorough, and it's obvious she cares about my cats.  Robyn is very detailed when learning about your needs for her services as well as for your pets.  The extras she offers, like mail collection, watering plants, turning off/on lights, opening blinds, etc., are very appreciated.  I feel that my pets, and my home, are getting good care while I am gone.  I would definitely use her again, and recommend her to others."
- Kerry Collias

"Called Robyn at Rainbow Watchers on Thursday before Labor Day weekend. She came next morning took detailed info. on dog, emergency #'s, etc.  Provided great care on a rainy weekend!"
- Bob Mitchell

"Rainbow Watchers have cared for our cat when we are out of station or town for the past five years. Robyn and her staff are very reliable. In addition to the loving care they give. I appreciate the professional way they communicate."
- Constance Clark

"Robyn was so professional, punctual, pleasant, informative, and an animal lover. I am so happy to have found her and can't wait to call her again."
- Tracey Dzenitis, 

"When we go out of town, we leave with no worries about our house or pets, because we leave them in the care of Robyn and Rainbow Watchers. It takes a huge amount of hassle out of traveling to know when you return home that everything is in place, safe, newspapers and mail all organized, and the pets are happy."
- Ralph Millett

"I give the highest recommendation for this company. My pets are well cared for, and the staff go over and above expectations consistently."
- Dorothy Ross

"We just finished up our first week with Robyn and we were extremely happy with the service! Rainbow Watchers has earned 5 stars and then some!"
- Jessica Combs

"I can personally vouch for the integrity and professionalism of Robyn Stockwell and Rainbow Watchers. I've known Robyn for many years and she takes the BEST care of your beloved companions."
- Karen Devin

"Can't say enough about how much I appreciate the good care Robyn and colleagues at Rainbow Watchers take of my dogs. I have two "stray specials," one of whom is scared of everything. They both love Robyn and her staff.  Rainbow Watchers has been very organized and easy to deal with, and is fairly priced. Robyn has always accommodated visits, even when my work schedule changes and the visit is requested relatively last-minute. She and her staff routinely do little things that are above and beyond: calling if they have concerns about the dogs or our home, bringing in mail, leaving notes about issues in the backyard. Sounds small, but sure makes life for us easier and better!  I would recommend Rainbow Watchers to others without hesitation."
- Laura Meints

Please call or email us for more information. We look forward to making you one of our satisfied clients too!